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Kamal Haasan

Movie Names
Aaha Ethanai Azhagu
Unnai ninaithu
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Unnai ninaithu

Cast      :Surya, Laila, Sneha
Director      :Vikraman

Vikraman is well known for his family movies. In #$#Unnai Ninaithu#$#, he has told a soft triangular love story in his own narrative style. He has clearly narrated how young girls in our society are compelled to forego their love due to the compulsion from their parents.

Surya#$#s father owns a lodge. Due to heavy debts, he is forced to lease it to a rich man (Delhi Ganesh) on a contract for ten years. Surya grows in the same lodge by working as a receptionist.

A new manager arrives at the lodge. His daughter Sneha befriends Surya and once asks him what he knows about love. Surya tells her that he was once in love. He narrates how he had been betrayed by his ex-lady love, who had chosen another man under her parents#$# compulsion.

THE PAST (narrated by Surya to Sneha):

Thalaivasal Vijay and his family move to the Guesthouse near the lodge. His daughter#$#s (Laila) ambition is to become a doctor. Surya acquaints Laila and her family and eventually the two fall in love. Surya supports Laila#$#s family (who are poor) by meeting their day-to-day requirements like buying groceries, etc. Laila#$#s father accepts Surya and calls him as Mapillai; (Son-in-law).

Things change with the entry of Surya#$#s friend Ramji into the lodge, who is in a very good position. Ramji develops interest towards Laila and spends lavishly in buying refrigerator and television for her house. Laila#$#s parents’ loyalty turns to the newly arrived Ramji, who is richer than Surya, a receptionist. Laila#$#s father now starts calling Ramji as his #$#Mapillai#$#. Laila is left with no choice than to comply with her parents#$#; wish and decides to marry Ramji.

But, Ramji on the other hand, is not interested in marrying Laila. He hangs out with his manager#$#s daughter and intends to marry her for her money. Surya discovers this and tells Laila. But Laila fails to listen to him. She asks him not to disturb her again as she was going to marry Ramji.


On hearing Surya#$#s love story, Sneha decides to provide moral support to him. As their relation grows, Sneha falls in love with Surya.

One day, Surya happens to see Laila#$#s father selling tea on the road. He learns from Laila#$#s father that Ramji had cheated his daughter and married some other girl. Surya visits Laila once again, who now lives in a very small house and with her #$#Doctor dreams#$# shattered.

Surya encourages Laila to prepare for the Medical Entrance. She clears it, but requires a huge amount for paying the fees.

Meanwhile, the ten-year lease contract ends, and Surya gets back his lodge. Surya sells his lodge and gets Laila admitted to a private Medical College.

In the climax scene, Laila leaves on a train. She tells Surya that she loves him once again and that she was very grateful for all that he had done. But, Surya tells her that he helped her for just one reason: Because he once loved her! The train departs.

Sneha arrives at the spot and Surya joins hands with her.

The movie is narrated in a very mild manner. Vikraman deserves praise for his effective screenplay and direction. But, it is Surya who steals the show. His acting is excellent and he fits into his character perfectly. Laila and Sneha do their jobs well. Sirpi#$#s music is above average.

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