10 injured following suicide attacks in Pak amid Eid prayers

Shikarpur (Sindh) [Pakistan], Sept. 13 : At least 10 people, including two policemen, have been injured in a suicide blast during Eid prayers in Shikarpur's Khanpur tehsil on Tuesday.

Police sources said four suicide attackers infiltrated Khanpur during Eid prayers, reports the Dawn. Two attackers targeted an Eid prayer ground where one attacker blew himself up, injuring 10 people while the other attacker fled the scene.

The injured have been taken to hospitals. The police also foiled a separate suicide blast at a shrine in the tehsil. Two other attackers targeted the shrine but were stopped by police at the entrance on account of appearing suspicious.

As the attackers attempted to flee, one was gunned down by a cop, whereas the other was arrested..

Source: ANI