10 ways to conceal your tummy

New Delhi, Aug 4 : The most common problem that we face as an adult is a bigger tummy problem. Pregnancy and middle age are reasons for bigger tummy. A lot of younger girls also face bigger tummy problem due to periods and bloating so make sure you are opting for right clothes.

Bhavya Chawla, Chief stylist at Voonik and Fashion designer Reynu Taandon, list down ways to hide your tummy fat.

* Wear dark colours or busy prints on your upper body. This will help you look slim and it will also hide your tummy fat.

* Avoid wearing shiny and bright colours on your upper body.

* Avoid wearing too tight or too loose cloths on your upper body.

Too tight cloths will highlight your tummy even more and your body looks shapeless if you wear too loose cloths.

So try to wear medium fit cloths.

* Go for mid-rise when it comes to jeans, pants, shalwars or skirts. Wear them around your naval. This will help in concealing the tummy.

* If you are wearing tops then body suits are the best option for you.

This gives you a sleek look.

* Girls tend to buy one size smaller body shapers thinking that it will make them look slimmer but on the contrary this highlights your tummy even more and also feels uncomfortable.

Therefor the size of your body shaper should be one size big.

* While buying undergarments make sure you buy mid-rise panties.

Avoid low or high-rise.

* Choose high slits while opting for kurtis. This helps in concealing tummy.

* Layering is a good technique to conceal tummy fat. This divides your body into three parts and it helps in looking slimmer. For example wearing a contrast colored jacket on your kurti or wear another kurta on your kurti. But the kurta should be of a different color and the buttons should be kept open.

* With makeup and jewelers like big earring and neck pieces, you can attract the attention of others to your face and the people will not notice your tummy fat.



Source: IANS