125 export oriented leather units in UP to start work

Kanpur (Uttar Pradesh), May 14 : The District Industries Centre (DIC) has finally granted permission to around 101 export-oriented leather units to run their businesses in Kanpur.

The DIC had earlier granted permission to only 24-export oriented leather units to start the production.

The industries department had, so far, issued work orders to 125 units.

Sources said that tanneries, too, are likely to get permission to start production in the next phase.

Joint Commissioner Industries, Sarveshwar Shukla, said that permission had been granted to the export-oriented leather units and would soon issue work orders.

The process for opening tanneries has begun, and permission would be granted to them after the industries department gets a report from the Pollution Control Board.

The tannery industry is passing through a difficult phase since Kumbh Mela was held in Prayagraj when the units were shut down.

They are also suffering due to non-availability of raw materials and chemicals.

The Regional Pollution Control Board officer S.

B. Franklin said, "The board has already started verification of tanneries and there are all possibilities that the units which are outside the hotspot area might get permission to operate, but for that they have to give an undertaking that they had contributed in raising the 20 mld sewage treatment plant."

Javed Iqbal, Regional Chairman, Council for Leather Export, said that the leather units could not get payment from oversees traders because their orders had been locked in ports and their raw material was almost destroyed.

"We are suffering double losses.

We had to shut production and now the lockdown. The permission to open the export-oriented units will give a new lease of life to the leather industry", he said.

Asif Jamal, a leather industry owner, said that the government should give unconditional permission to the registered units and pass orders that small industries could run their units without giving any declaration.

General Secretary, Leather Industries Welfare Association, Asad Iraqi, said that permission to start slaughter houses should also be given to ensure easy the availability of raw material.

The representatives of the leather units had met Uttar Pradesh Industry Minister Satish Mahana several times to seek permission for starting the production.



Source: IANS