73% Muslims feel CAA will hike population, economic burden

New Delhi, Dec 21 : Just over 47 per cent of Indians feel that the Indian Constitution had been violated by the recently-passed Citizenship Amendment Act but nearly the same number differs on this issue, according to an IANS-CVoter survey.

As many as 47.1 per cent of people across the country said that the law was a violation of the Constitution of India while 47.4 per cent of people did not feel so while 5.5 percent of people did not know or did not want to comment.

The snap poll, carried out between December 17-19, has a sample size of over 3,000 all over India plus a booster sample of 500 each in Assam, the northeast and among Muslims.

In response to another survey question, 64 per cent of people felt that the new law will increase the population in India and burden the economy, while 33.8 per cent people did not think this way while 2.2 per cent of people did not know or want to answer.

Meanwhile, in Assam, where 68.1 per cent of the people oppose the CAA, 78.1 per cent people said they agreed with the possibility of population explosion due to the law while 18.9 per cent did not feel so.

Among the communities, 73.3 per cent Muslim and 63.6 per cent Hindus believed that the measure will increase population and also burden the economy, 22.3 per cent Muslims and 34.2 per cent Hindus responded with no to this question.



Source: IANS