9-day theatre festival to explore socio-political themes

New Delhi, Sep 26 : A line-up of 15 theatrical performances, set to be staged over nine days from October 20, will explore socio-political themes.

To be held at the India Habitat Centre (IHC) here, the festival will feature two all-women productions.

Being part of the Old World Theatre Festival announced on Wednesday, some of these plays will revolve around the concepts of gender, body, society, and personal-political space.

Offering to enrich the theatre-goer's experience with original and interdisciplinary plays, the festival will be marked by a play, "Beyond Borders," exploring boundaries of nationality, caste, colour, ethnicity, gender, body and mind.

Also scheduled is "Dekh Behen," a bittersweet comedy about women "getting through one big fat Indian wedding," the organisers said in a statement.

The festival is set to open with a Kutiyattam dance drama, a traditional dance of Kerala.

Other scheduled plays include "Item", which traces the life of a B-grade film actress and exposing objectification of the female body, "The Legend of Ila", a Puranic retelling and an exciting musical exploration of gender fluidity and queerness, and "Pascualnama" and "One Night Only" that elucidate how one gets trapped in power play.

Another play "Say, What?" will feature a hearing-impaired performer, and see usage of sign language.



Source: IANS