A third country should mediate U.S-N.Korea dispute: Pope Francis

Cairo [Egypt] Apr.30 : Pope Francis on Saturday said that a third country should try to step in to reconcile the growing tension between North Korea and the US, adding, this heated up situation risked the world of a devastating war.

As per the reports of the Guardian, Francis added that a good part of humanity would be destroyed in any widespread war.

"I call on, and will call on, all leaders, as I have called on leaders of various places, to work to seek a solution to problems through the path of diplomacy," he said onboard the plane taking him back to Rome from Cairo.

Francis' statement came after North Korea's attempt to launch a ballistic missile in the early hours of Saturday, which apparently failed.

Earlier, U.S. Secretary of State Rex Tillerson urged the international community to increase pressure on North Korea, saying that failing to do so would bring 'catastrophic consequences'.

Source: ANI