Aam admi happy in ‘queuing’ for better India: Venkaiah Naidu

Bengaluru [India], Nov. 18 : Maintaining that the poor people, honest tax payers and middle class would be the biggest beneficiaries of the demonetisation drive, Union Information and Broadcasting Minister Venkaiah Naidu, while acknowledging that people are being inconvenienced due to long queues, on Friday said the nation is 'queuing' for a better India.

Speaking at a programme on curbing corruption and black money in Bengaluru, Naidu said if demonetisation process succeeds, there would be a "white revolution" in the country and urged the people to work together to make sure it succeeds.

"In the last eight days the common man made one of the most profound statements saying that they don't mind putting up with the short-term inconvenience for their good, while adding, "temporary pain for long term gain, that's the chorus across the country." "If demonetisation succeeds, there will be a white revolution in the country.

We should all work and see to it that it succeeds. There are forces who are trying to fail these, they have no guts to opposing this, but will only resort to pointing out trivial problems," Naidu added.

Taking a dig at the Arvind Kejriwal-Aam Aadmi Party led government, Naidu said, "We have been seeing a lot of queues, there have been inconveniences and some of them, unfortunately, even lost their lives, but despite that the aam aadmi are not angry," Naidu further said the decision to demonetise notes was not taken on a whim but was based on the promises made Prime Minister Modi made during the 2014 general elections "This decision will force dishonest, cheaters, looters to change their behaviour, they will have to conduct themselves in different manner, the will have to fall in line in the principles of honesty and fairness," he added.

Naidu further pointed out that the Centre's decision to demonetise notes has been welcomed by many Chief Ministers', and the only few who are unable to digest have been scrambling to dig out trivial problems.

"Many Chief Ministers' like Patnaik, Chandra Babau Naidu have come out and openly supported the government' decision, but some people are not able to digest, they have this indigestion problem from the beginning itself ," Naidu said.

Naidu also took a dig at Congress vice president Rahul Gandhi saying, "We have been hearing some people terming Modi as pro-Industrialists, suit-boot ki sarkar, but we can now see who is getting suit and who is getting the boot.".

Source: ANI