‘Accusing and Abusing Party’ chief Kejriwal must resign: BJP

New Delhi/Mumbai [India], May 9 : Training guns at the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) over their infighting, the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) on Tuesday demanded 'Accusing and Abusing Party' chief Arvind Kejriwal to step down from the post of Delhi Chief Minister, 'buying from his own preaches' and allow a fair investigation to take place.

Speaking to ANI, party leader Sambit Patra said Kejriwal should not try to 'buy excuses' about the allegation that were hurled by his own minister.

"The AAP is the 'Accusing and Abusing Party' of India and they have alleged, accused and abused everyone in the country.

Today, not only is Kejriwal absconding, but also saying that everyone else is a liar. If everyone is a liar, he should face the challenge; he should face the lie-detector test that has been challenged by Kapil Mishra," he said.

"The law is taking its course, but meanwhile, Mr. Kejriwal is buying from his own preaches. He should step down from the post of Delhi Chief Minister and should allow a fair investigation to take place," he added.

Branding Kapil Mishra's revelation as a 'serious situation', BJP leader Nalin Kohli said if Kejriwal believed that all the allegations levelled against him were false, then he should go ahead and speak about it and at the same time put defamation suits against those who were attacking his reputation.

"It is a very serious situation with regard to the AAP. Kapil Mishra, who Arvind Kejriwal used to praise as a better minister of the Delhi Government, was ousted from the cabinet.

Kejriwal used to say that the day someone points finger at him, he will resign and hand it over to Manish Sisodia.

Now what happened? People of Delhi will not be fooled by all this," he added. Resonating similar views, BJP leader Shazia Ilmi told ANI in Mumbai that suspending Mishra from the party was not only shameful, but also predictable.

"It is shameful, but predictable. Now, the question is Kapil Mishra has been questioned about his own credibility. The fact is Arvind Kejriwal is just protecting Satyendra Jain and finding more reasons to tarnish Mishra's image.

It has been proved that those supporting Kejriwal in his corruption will be applauded, but those who will raise their voice against him will be shown the exit door," she said.

Following his suspension from the AAP's primary membership, Mishra on Monday dared Chief Minister Kejriwal to expel him.

"I had dared them to expel me from the AAP, but it seems they don't have courage to do so," Mishra said.

Mishra further said he would file three cases against Satyendra Jain and other AAP leaders for indulging in corruption.

"Tomorrow, I will file three FIRs with the CBI. One, against Satyendra Jain for giving Rs. 2 crore to Kejriwal; second against Jain for helping Kejriwal's family to acquire land deals illegally; third on the basis of a complaint I received in an email about irregularities in the party," he said.

He alleged that AAP leaders like Ashish Khetan, Sanjay Singh, Satyendra Jain, Raghav Chadha and Durgesh Pandey used party funds to travel abroad.

Source: ANI