Afghan govt asks Taliban to prove its stance on protection to public welfare projects

Kabul [Afghanistan], Nov. 30 : The Afghanistan Government has questioned Taliban's stance to protect the public welfare projects, and asked the latter to "practically prove" that they won't harm the public sites and projects.

The Khaama Press quoted deputy presidential spokesman Shah Hussain Murtazvi as saying that in the past two months, at least 302 schools, 41 health centres, 50 mosques, 5,305 residential houses, 1,818 shops, one government compound, six bridges, 170 culverts, 123 km of road, 203 retention walls, and 84 service centres were either destroyed or received serious damages.

Murtazvi further said the government and the Afghan people have suffered a loss of almost AFN2 billion due to Taliban.

Taliban in a statement on Tuesday said they would protect public welfare projects, including TAPI, CASA 1000, Ainal Copper Mine, railway, and other transit routes and electrical projects, and also instructed its fighters to protect the public welfare projects, which are beneficial to the country.

The move by Taliban comes after they were accused of the majority of destructions of public and private properties of the Afghan people.

Source: ANI