Aishwarya gets emotional as she reunites with her childhood dance guru

Mumbai [India], Dec. 8 : Aishwarya Rai Bachchan has time and again expressed her love for dance. She did it yet again, when her childhood dance guru Lata Surendra, the section president of the World Congress of Dance, dedicated a performance to her.

The blue-eyed beauty attended the inaugural of the first ever World Congress of Dance in India, a five-day event, which also saw performances of Sandip Soparkar, Alesia Raut and others.

"I am moved, very emotional. I don't have any planned speeches today. My words are straight from my heart. I danced with Akka (Lata Surendra) from second grade to seventh grade. Ever since then, dancing became my way of life. It is the ultimate joy to see your guru perform and if she does for you, then it becomes a different honour," said the actress.

Equally moved, Lata was all praise for her student, "I have a poised dignity of a disciple whom I have seen as a wonderful disciple, the ideal daughter to her parents, ideal partner to her husband.

I watched with pride when she carried her baby (Aradhya) and walked through Cannes. I had a sense of pride as in today's world when one reaches the peak of her carrier, the child remains ignored, seeking for some attention.

It's not the case for her.".

Source: ANI