AJL case: CBI overpowered by PM Modi’s officers, says irked Congress

New Delhi [India], Dec. 17 : Retorting to the government's handing over the enquiry into Associated Journals Limited (AJL) Panchkula case 2005 to the Central Bureau of Investigation, the Congress Party on Saturday said it is a 'witch hunt' against the company and that the investigating agency has been overpowered by Prime Minister Narendra Modi's officers.

"If any government feels that CBI enquiry is needed into something, they are most welcome. Only thing is that it is clear that it is a witch hunt against the AJL of National herald in Panchkula.

CBI itself has now become compromised. It is now full of officers of the police from the Gujarat cadre. All of them were known to be very close to the CM of that time, Narendra Modi. None of them were really people who used to come to the Centre. They all came with Mr. Modi. So clearly, CBI is an organisation that has been captured by Modi's officers," Congress leader Sandeep Dikshit told ANI.

Terming the CBI as a personal organisation, Dikshit said the agency is controlled by the Prime Minister and the president of the Bharatiya Janata Party Amit Shah.

"General talk in government is that the CBI now is little Gujarat. It's not an independent organisation anymore, nor is it known for its professionalism. It's known to become a hatchet organisation for Mr. Amit Shah and Mr. Modi," said Dikshit. The BJP government in Haryana has handed over the enquiry into the alleged re-allotment of a plot to AJL in Panchkula in 2005 to the CBI.

Source: ANI