Ameyo hires Ramesh Srinivasan as President Business Development

New Delhi, July 18 : Indian contact centre technology provider Ameyo announced the appointment of Ramesh Srinivasan as its President for International sales, Pre-sales, Inside sales and Marketing functions, bringing in a new synergy for growth. The new addition in the leadership team is aimed towards meeting the needs of the growing workforce and expanding customer demand for Ameyo's leading engagement platform. Ramesh will report to the CEO and his focus will be on gaining deeper customer insights, strategic business management, and thereby, creating successful sales models and teams to achieve high level of sales efficiency. Prior to joining Ameyo, Ramesh was the Global Director for Product Sales at Schneider-Electric software, where he headed the BPM business. In his previous assignments spanning well over 20 years in companies like Microsoft, Verizon, and Tyco - Ramesh has successfully handled a diverse range of functions across industries. He has always been instrumental in architecting revenue generating sales and marketing programs. Moreover, Ramesh has excelled as a great leader with quantifiable results in building new business, improving gross profit, sustaining market share growth, and delivering increased customer satisfaction. "We welcome Ramesh Srinivasan with all pleasure and gratitude as our new president of business development. We are excited to have his insights and initiatives on developing new and innovative programs for our customers," said CEO Ameyo, Bishal Lachhiramka. "Ameyo's solutions are transformative and need of the hour. I am very excited to be a part of this journey which is being built for today's discerning customers on cutting edge technology, helping our buyers' future proof their investment," said President Business Development Ameyo, Ramesh Srinivasan. "Ameyo has attracted a diversified team of skilled individuals who are highly motivated and share the brand's core values. I intend to apply all my efforts towards building a positive 'can do' attitude and willingness to 'think outside the box' because these vital skills will yield innovative outcomes," added Ramesh Srinivasan.