Angel Broking deploys intelligent systems for worry-free online investing

Mumbai, Aug.19 (ANI-Newsvoir): In its continuous endeavor to provide a worry- free trading experience to its customers, Angel Broking, India's top retail brokerage firm, has incorporated advanced behavior-based analytics system that alerts stakeholders in real-time on detection of unusual login / trading patterns.

Angel Broking has incorporated advanced behavior-based analytical algorithms in its surveillance system that promises greatly enhanced security for its online customers.

The system sends out an alert to the relevant stakeholders as soon as it detects any unusual pattern in customer's login / trading behavior.

For instance, if an investor who regularly logs in from his office, and if the system detects login from any other location, an alert will be generated.

Or an investor having specific investment profile, and if the system detects a transaction of different nature, an alert will be generated.

A number of such parameters have been set within the system that sends out a prompt alert every time an unusual activity is reported in a customer's online account.

The algorithms are also applied at the sub-broker levels for unusual trading (and) login patterns, which helps the company track any inconsistency in their investing behavior.

Mr. Ketan, Associate Director - Information Technology (and) Business Development, Angel Broking said, "Our surveillance system continuously receives and stores all information about trades in securities listed across leading exchanges as well as other interfaces.

A number of algorithms are applied to the data received in order to identify abnormal behavior with regard to unauthorized accesses to the trading account, sudden change in trading style, etc.

Based on algorithms set by our Risk Management team, the system tracks if there are any instances of identity theft and sends out an alert so that any compromise to the client account can be avoided.

It also sends out alert when it identifies levels and patterns of order flow which is contrary to the historical trading behavior of a particular customer.

These instances are mapped on the analytical platform to identify the unusual patterns. The system also monitors all transactions for suspicious and unusual behavior to ensure that they are authentic and legitimate.

If the system detects any abnormal activity in any customer's account, necessary actions are taken to address the concern at the inception stage itself." In the current age of moving screens and advanced technology, consumer behavior and preferences are changing.

Digitally-enabled services have a prominence over others as consumers' life is no more analogue. While the current hi-tech environment boosts convenience, efficiency and reach, safety is also of prime importance when it comes to digital investing world.

Angel Broking has proactively taken this step to provide a secured investing platform. Commenting on its continuous endeavor to provide a healthy investing environment, Mr. Vinay Agrawal, Chief Executive Officer, Angel Broking said, "This innovation further strengthens our Risk Management system.

The system combines advantages of Data Analytics and Angel's collective wisdom gathered over three decades in the business of Broking and Investment Advisory.

I am confident that this initiative will significantly contribute in providing a secured, responsible and worry-free investing experience to our customers." Angel Broking has recorded a significant rise in business from its Online, Mobile, APP based Investing platforms in the last one year.

Angel Broking has been re-inventing itself as a technology-driven retail brokerage with "Digital" as the central theme of its transformation.

The company's recent successful roll-outs include digital initiatives such as D-KYC, Digi-Pitch, Trade-in-1hr,#CustomerService on Twitter and Facebook, all aimed at making the organisation more customer-friendly, agile and efficient.

While some of these initiatives are focused on Customer Acquisition, Servicing and Marketing, the company has also launched digital initiatives aimed at strengthening its human resources.


Source: ANI