Arch Academy of Design takes initiative for hosting workshop on international cultural governance in India

New Delhi [India], Apr 29 (ANI-BusinessWireIndia): Arch Academy of Design as a host partner institution in India with support of the Government of Rajasthan hosted an International Cultural Governance Workshop at Zorba, The Buddha, Ghitorni Delhi with collaboration of European Network on Cultural Management and Policy, Creative Europe, The Creative Enterprise Programme of the European Union, The University of Antwerp and The University of the Arts, London.

As the host partner institution in India, the Arch Academy of Design is collaborating closely with the conductors of the project, in organizing and facilitating all the parts of this project and event in India.

In first part of the workshop a questionnaire was sent to 50 key people who appreciate the challenges of managing arts and cultural organizations.

The second part consisting of a 'day-long' 'face-to-face' workshop where there will be an opportunity to develop collective understandings with further information, activities and discussions.

This Workshop dialogue is restricted to a maximum of twelve persons. In the Workshop Prof. Ian King from University of Arts, London shared the ideas behind such workshop in which he said that it is an International Cultural Governance project where information from eight countries (Ethiopia, Taiwan, China, India, Australia, South Africa, Brazil and Serbia) is being collected to generate a pool of knowledge to improve the quality and practice of cultural governance across the globe.

The results of the study from these eight locations will be collected together and reproduced in a book that will be published by Peter Lang in late 2018 and consequently, the collected information, and primary data would be returned back to the location and source so as to be available for anyone to use for future studies.

Archana Surana, Founder and Director of Arch Academy of Design, strongly feels that the challenges faced in managing Arts and cultural institutions, globally are immense.

As the host partner institution in India, the Arch Academy of Design is contributing in this discussion with an aim to improve the understanding of good practices in cultural and creative industries and to facilitate the sharing of processes and solutions in managing cultural organizations.

The project is being coordinated and conducted across the world by Professor Annick Schramme from the University of Antwerp, who is the Chair of the Cultural Governance workshop/ seminar series and advisor to many cultural institutions across Europe, and Professor Ian King, Professor of Aesthetics and Management, from the University of the Arts, London.


Source: ANI