Ariana Grande’s fans go wild over Lindsay Lohan’s “Too much makeup” comment

Washington [USA], Nov. 20 : Looks like Ariana Grande's fans are giving Lindsay Lohan a hard time for the actress' 'nasty' comments on one of the singer's new Instagram posts.

The 23-year-old singer posted a picture of herself with 'Hairspray Live' co-star Dove Cameron, and not long after, Lohan commented, "Too much makeup." This led to the fans questioning why the 'Mean Girls' actress would throw 'such hateful words'.

One user came to the Grande's defense writing, "@lindsaylohan She looks beautiful, and she has the freedom to use whatever makeup she wants." "Too much drugs," another commented.

Check out few other comments below: "@lindsaylohan lol n some wouldn't hurt you." "@lindsaylohan say what you want.she will always be more beautiful than you :)" "@Lindseylohan but your movie career didn't even last adult years.By the time you was 24 years old you already looked 42.. Worry about yourself and career." While one fan was mature enough to advice for the greater good. "Lol you guys, it's enough. Don't bother commenting on Lindsay's posts. We're supposed to "plant love, grow peace" right? That's what Ariana said. Ariana wouldn't want us doing this, let's kill 'em all with kindness," the user wrote. "Y'all ariana wouldn't want us hating, yeah what she said was annoying but leave it," another implied.

"U guys, drug is a serious issue. Don't take it as a joke. Some people are trying hard to battle with drugs." Neither of the two celebrities fired back at these fans.

Source: ANI