ASM, Harvard Business School collaborate to become ‘HBX CORe’

New Delhi [India], Jan 6 : Audyogik Shikshan Mandal (ASM) becomes the first Indian B-school to collaborate with Harvard Business School for its HBX CORe.

HBX is a digital learning initiative powered by the faculty of Harvard Business School and CORe is a multi-week online program designed to teach the fundamentals of business thinking.

Select ASM students will get to participate in HBX CORe starting 2017. CORe includes coursework in business analytics, economics for managers and financial accounting taught using the Harvard Business School case-study method with over 12,000 students worldwide already benefiting from it.

Throughout the program, ASM students will engage with a global cohort of CORe participants on HBX online platform, further enhancing their business acumen development.

"We are excited to welcome ASM students to the CORe program and to share with them the Harvard Business School way of learning.

HBX CORe is a program that provides future business leaders the skills and confidence they need to succeed," said Thomas D.

Casserly Jr. Professor of Business Administration Harvard Business School, V. G. Narayanan. "We are excited and proud to be the first B-school in India to bring world-class teaching from the best in the world to its students and business community in Pune and Mumbai through this collaboration.

The HBX CORe program will be incorporated into the MBA and PGDM programs at ASM's flagship business schools IBMR, IIBR and IMCOST immediately," said Chairman ASM, Dr.

Sandeep Pachpande. "HBX CORe is a perfect example of leveraging technology, made available through this collaboration, to bring in world class leaning opportunities to Indian students.

Am confident that this initiative will help achieve the common objective of both partners i.e. of creating leaders who make a difference and make valuable contributions across business and society," said Founder and managing trustee ASM, Dr.

Asha Pachpande..

Source: ANI