Baloch activists protest at UN, highlight Pak’s atrocities in Balochistan

New York [US], Sept. 14 : Members of the Free Balochistan Movement protested in front of the United Nations Headquarters in New York to highlight the plight, atrocities and human rights violations on the people of Balochistan by Pakistan.

The protesters gathered at the Isaiah Wall, a gathering spot for demonstrators across the street from the General Assembly Building, yesterday and raised slogans urging the UN to intervene into the matter.

Raising slogans, "Balochistan needs your help. Pakistan shame shame!UN UN where are you?", the protestors held banners which read 'Human rights violations in Balochistan'.

Farzana Majeed Baluch, a Baloch activist, had earlier asked the people having interest in human rights issues to join the cause.

"Who have interest in international human rights issues,come join our protest on 3 to 5pm at UN headquarters New York USA.

#BalochAtUN," she tweeted. The protesters also put on display dolls with blood stains on them to demonstrate the link between how their people were treated.

Today's protest is the not the first one to highlight the atrocities by Pakistan on the Baloch people.

Several Baloch activists have in the past warned of more protests against the concerned authorities in Pakistan for the human rights violations in the region.

Dilshad Baloch, an activist, had earlier confirmed that Baloch activists will protest outside the United Nations General Assembly on September 13.

"We are going to hopefully see more of these protests in the future and there are going to be bigger and more frequent protests.

We will now protest on September 13 outside the UN General Assembly," he told ANI. Earlier, protests were held in Melbourne to save Baloch women and the atrocities going on in Balochistan, especially to highlight that the house of Peer Jan Baloch in Turbat is under siege by the Pakistan Army for the past six days.

Peer Jan Baloch is the nephew of Rauf Baloch. While both are reported to be staying together, Rauf Baloch has been alleged by the forces of hosting the family members of a senior Baloch political leader.

The Baloch Human Rights Organization (BHRO) also staged a protest in front of the Karachi Press Club. The Baloch Republican Party (BRP) activists also staged a protest in Busan, South Korea, to highlight the atrocities and human rights violations in Balochistan.

Earlier, welcoming Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi's statement on Balochistan in his Independence Day address, several Baloch activists claimed that the people of the region support him and he should take up the Baloch issue with the international community at the United Nations.

In a bid to highlight the ongoing Baloch genocide and human rights violations and the disappearance of Baloch people through the hands of Pakistani military and intelligence agencies in Balochistan , the Baloch National Movement (BNM) Germany chapter had held demonstrations in different cities last month.

Many activists are asserting that more than 23,000 activists, students, lawyers, women, journalists, writers and human rights defenders have been enforced disappeared by the Pakistani army and its death squads since 2003.

Source: ANI