Bar Council to resume work from Thursday

New Delhi, Nov 6 : The Bar Council of India (BCI) on Wednesday announced that it will withdraw its strike and resume work from Thursday but demanded action against cops involved in the scuffle in Tis Hazari court on November 2 while promising action against lawyers found guilty in the clashes.

"We held a meeting yesterday in which we have issued notices to advocates.

We are going to take action against the guilty lawyers. However, the manner in which thousands of cops gathered outside the Police Headquarters was illegal and unconstitutional," BCI Chairperson Manan Kumar Mishra told reporters here.

The Council has also demanded the arrest, within seven days, of the Delhi police personnel involved in the scuffle, he said.

"Unless the higher police officials and personnel, who were involved in incidents of November 2, 2019 at Tis Hazari Court complex in the act of shooting are arrested and the policemen involved in yesterday's unruly acts are suspended and proceeded against, the Bar Council of India will protest peacefully," says a letter issued by Ved Prakash Sharma, Co-Chairman of BCI.

"Our demand is to arrest the guilty police officials within period of one week, failing which we shall resort to peaceful dharna for the arrest of these people and for proper disciplinary action against them.

The Bar stands united," Sharma said.



Source: IANS