Barzeh district in Syria’s Damascus evacuated

Damascus [Syria], May 9 : As a part of the implementation of an agreement to put an end to all armed manifestations in Syria, more than a thousand of militants left the Barzeh district in the Syrian capital of Damascus, Syrian media reported, citing Damascus governor Bishr Sabban.

The first group of militants, including 1,022 people, has already left Barzeh. Several buses carrying militants and their family members headed toward the northern countryside, according to the Syrian Satellite Channel.

The evacuation from the district will be carried out throughout the next few days until it is completely cleared from militants.

The total number of people set to leave the district in several groups should reach 8,000 under the deal, Sputnik International reports.

Russia, Turkey and Iran - the representatives of the countries-guarantors of the truce in Syria, on May 4 signed a memorandum on the creation of four zones of de-escalation in Syria, which include the province of Idlib and seven other regions.

According to the memorandum, any clashes between the government forces and opposition armed groups would stop within the zones.

The memorandum took effect on May 6..

Source: ANI