‘Befikre’ is a true blue rom-com, claims Ranveer

New Delhi [India], Dec. 7 : We are all set to go 'Befikre' in two-days and as Ranveer Singh meant, grab a bucket of popcorn, take someone along and enjoy the light-hearted movie.

Speaking to media in the national capital, the 31-year-old actor claimed that unlike most other Hindi rom-coms, which turns to be love story, 'Befikre' is a "true-blue Hindi romantic comedy." "In Hindi cinemas, rom-coms don't really remain rom-coms.

What starts off as a rom-com, at some point it will become a love story. But this is a true-blue Hindi romantic comedy and that is our attempt. It will be light hearted and that's the freshness factor in it," he said. Adding to it, the 'Bajirao Mastani' actor explained, "It is a film that has a universal appeal. People of all ages can watch and appreciate. What I will advise is that you must watch this film with somebody. It will surely double the fun." Further rubbishing rumours that the Aditya Chopra-directed flick has got some similarity to 'No Strings Attached,' he said, "It has got nothing to do with No Strings Attached.

It is an original written material by Adi sir and I am very proud to say that." 'Befikre,' also starring Vaani Kapoor, is all set to hit the theatres on December 10.

Source: ANI