Being sustainable is lot more than just being organic, natural: Designer Pratap Singh

New Delhi, Aug 4 : Designer Rajesh Pratap Singh, who is once again associating with International sustainable fibre brand Tencel to present an eco-collection for the Winter Festive 2018 edition of Lakme Fashion Week (LFW), says that being sustainable is lot more than just being organic and natural and there needs to be an in-depth study to avoid "ill-informed" judgements.

"Being sustainable is a lot more than just being organic and natural," Pratap Singh told IANS in an e-mail interview.

"At times, man-made fibers are more sustainable than natural fibers and it's an ongoing study, the jury is out there.

There is a time and place for usage of every fiber. Not every fiber is perfectly sustainable and vice versa. At times, cotton is far more harmful than the man-made fiber. There needs to be an in-depth study in order to avoid ill-informed judgements," he added.

The designer's core idea this season through his collection at LFW, is to combine the strength of one of this ecological fibres along with the indigenous magic of Indian heritage crafts, combining sustainability of artisans on one hand and technology on the other.

The result will be a one of its kind sustainable fashion collection that will represent innovation on a global level with green fibre and artisanal textiles.

For the first time in the label's history, the designer will be creating an Indian ethnic style collection with womenswear and menswear looks.

"The upcoming collection experiments with and is influenced by different parts of India. This starts right from the fibre itself. We've spun the fibre through hand spinning and through mechanised processes. We are using the yarn from five different craft areas of India and are also collaborating with two mills - Arvind and Vardhaman," he said.

"We are working in Chanderi, Bengal, Kota, Neemrana in Rajasthan and Orissa. We are using the fiber in a wide spectrum, from very high-tech to low tech craft areas," said the designer who introduced his own line of men's and women's clothing in 1997.

Pratap Singh over the years has created his unique signature style that subtly draws from his Indian roots to craft artisanal garments that stand apart due to their clean lines, careful detailing and international silhouettes.

He says that association with Tencel will help him with technical know how.

"Like I said being an R (and) D person, I love getting technical knowledge from mills. Brands like Tencel give me an opportunity to expand my knowledge on multitude of fibers available, how I can twist it, or use the yarn or dye it.

These are the things that keep me interested in my job and what I look forward to," he said.

He also says that over the last few years we have come to recognise that sustainability is not an option.

"Any industry not just fashion, if they are not sustainable they are bound to become obsolete.

Its not just a need anymore, it's a desperate position we have put ourselves into and that's something which we need to take care of.

Sustainable fashion is just one of the many steps we need to take to help things better," said Pratap Singh.

"We work with variables and possibilities and sometimes when all things fall into place, we are able to give life to new and interesting innovations," said the designer.

Talking about his ambition, he said: "Keep working and allow your work to speak for you."

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Source: IANS