Beri to deepen Uzbekistan, India’s cultural ties

New Delhi, March 17 : Popular Indian fashion designer Ritu Beri has been appointed as the Cultural and Tourism Ambassador of Uzbekistan in India by the Ministry of Tourism of Uzbekistan.

This is in recognition of her contribution towards bringing the two countries together by way of fusing cultures in her clothes line.

"I am delighted and honoured to present the glory of Uzbekistan and create a connecting story between the two countries.

It would be my endeavour to deepen the cultural and social ties between the two countries," Beri said in a statement.

She is the first Indian to be appointed to this position.

Uzbek Ambassador to India Farhod Arziev said: "It is a pleasure to appoint Beri as the Cultural and Tourism Ambassador of Uzbekistan.

Though she has already been doing a lot of work at a personal level, now there is official recognition of her work."

"Her work would lead to starting of a movement which brings greater closeness between the two countries."



Source: IANS