Beware of rampant digital fraud: PM Modi

New Delhi, July 31 : Calling on the nation to be cautious of the rampant digital fraud which had several people in its vicious grip, Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Sunday said that one must avoid messages and e-mails which can lure people into false schemes and result in severe loss of finances.

Asserting that this was a new form of robbery using technology as a medium, the Prime Minister in his 22nd edition of Mann Ki Baat said that people must learn to resist the temptation of lucrative deals promising unreal benefits.

"We get messages on our cell phones and on our e-mail about money-spinning schemes saying that incredible profit is in store.

But it is nothing but a trap waiting to rob you off all your hard earned money. And since technology plays a major role when it comes to maintaining finances, there are also those who are misusing this medium," he said.

The Prime Minister reminded the nation to protect themselves from such fraudulent schemes and also spread the word and warn friends and families.

Source: ANI