Bigg Boss 14: Past comes back to haunt Abhinav Shukla

Mumbai, Dec 18 : Bigg Boss 14 contestant Abhinav Shukla might not be doing much on the ongoing reality show, but his deep dark secrets are coming to fore to keep him in the news.

From his troubled marriage and financial crunch to his struggle with alcohol, there are many chapters of his personal life that are being unfolded on national television as he continues his stint in the Bigg Boss house.

It all started when former housemate Kavita Kaushik asked Abhinav's wife, actress Rubina Dilaik, who is also a housemate on the show, if she knows the real truths about her husband.

That raised many questions, and left viewers curious.

At a time when tension was running high, Kavita's husband Ronnit sent out tweets, stating that Abhinav had drinking issue and used to send Kavita drunk texts in the past.

In fact, there was an episode when Abhinav and Rubina confronted Kavita and Ronnit over the claims.

During the whole confrontation, Abhinav didn't deny sending messages to Kavita but objected to the allegation that the content of the messages was violent in nature.

There came a point when superstar host Salman Khan had to intervene to ask them to stop washing their dirty linens in public.

He even scolded Abhinav about not letting go, and insisting that Kavita should share the screenshots of the messages.

Abhinav's marriage with Rubina has also been under a lot of speculation ever since Rubina revealed that she and Abhinav were contemplating divorce and decided to give their marriage a last chance by participating in Bigg Boss 14.

Soon after the confession, Abhinav was spotted getting concerned about how the news about the marriage would get splashed in the papers, and how his family would react.

Following this, several housemates were seen questioning the truth, and once a caller even asked about his current state of mind, to which he said that Rubina and he had found love again.

During a task, Abhinav opened the deep dark secrets of his life saying he was in depression and got bankrupt after his first film flopped.

The housemate who seemed the perfect gentleman with his gameplay in the initial days, has turned out to be quite different as the show has progressed.

Only time will tell if Abhinav will fully answer all questions that are circulating about him.



Source: IANS