Bigg Boss 14: Season runs high on girl power

Mumbai, Dec 30 : The controversial reality show Bigg Boss has usually thrived banking on a handful of contestants.

The ongoing season 14 is no different. The season rides high and has acquired most of its interesting moments courtesy the girls of the house.

The show seemed a little boring for most of the season, but has lately acquired spice and glamour thanks to Rakhi Sawant, Nikki Tamboli, Arshi Khan Jasmin Bhasin and Rubina Dilaik.

Rakhi, who joined as a challenger only a few weeks ago, was obviously roped in because she had provided wholesome entertainment on season one, when she was a contestant.

In a recent episode, fellow contestant Rahul Vaidya was seen asking general knowledge questions to Rakhi, who in return gave funny answers.

She also made headlines when she had an explicit verbal altercation with Nikki Tamboli.

Arshi is the designated vamp in the house. She has not spared a single housemate singe coming in as a challenger, and her frequent fights with the likes of Rubina, Nikki and Vikas Gupta, has only added colour to a dull show.

Arshi's bizarre make-up and nightgowns have caught the eye and helped her become toast of the CCTV in the house.

She has upped the stakes for all with a no-holds-barred gameplan. Her bizarre comments such as "you are mine", "I will destroy you" and "I can even make you papa" have made Arshi an interesting contestant.

Nikki is the belle of the ball. You can love her, hate her but surely cannot miss her. From gaining the attention of housemates Jaan Kumar Sanu and Manu Punjabi to the audience, she has a different trick for all.

Nikki has emerged as one of the strongest individuals in the game of survival. After her re-entry in the show she changed her gameplan from her original loud tricks to a sly approach.

Finally, many have considered Jasmin as a favourite.

Using a foul-mouthed attitude as well as getting hyper over the smallest issues, Jasmin has consistently been the drama queen that fans of the show expect to see when they sit down for a watch.

In the weeks to come, it remains to be seen whether girl power in the house manages to take the so-far staid season 14 to new heights (or depths?!) of sensationalism.



Source: IANS