Bihar BJP leaders demand cancellation of Indo-Pak T20 match

Patna, Oct 18 : After the murder of Bihari labourers in Kashmir, BJP leaders are advocating cancellation of upcoming T20 cricket match between India and Pakistan.

Bihar's deputy CM Tarkishore Prasad said: "Under the tense situation it would not be wise to play cricket with Pakistan.

It will give a clear message that India is supporting terrorism. The attack on common people in the Valley is cowardice act of terrorists."

Earlier in the day, Union Minister Giriraj Singh also echoed the same sentiment.

He said that the ruling and opposition parties share the same stand on this issue -- to cancel the indo-Pak cricket match.

Sushil Kumar Modi, the BJP leader and Rajya Sabha MP said: "Militants trying to create fear among common people so that they leave the Valley.

Killing unarmed civilians is the cowardly act of militants."

Meanwhile, Rajiv Shukla the BCCI vice president said: "Under the laws of International Cricket Council (ICC), the pre-scheduled cricket match cannot be cancelled."

The militants of Kashmir gunned down two labouers Raja Rishidev and Yogendra Rishidev in Anantnag district while Chunchun Rishidev was seriously injured in the firing on Sunday.

On Saturday, the Kashmiri militants killed a Golgappa vendor, Arvind Kumar Shah in Srinagar and a carpenter named Sagir Ahmed of Uttar Pradesh.

Teju Das, the father of Chunchun Rishidev said: "The contractor of Chunchun was not giving salaries for the past few months.

He was staying there to take the salary and then return to native village in Araria district."



Source: IANS