Bipasha Basu to provide ‘informed platform’ about health

New Delhi, April 12 : Leading Bollywood actress Bipasha Basu, a fitness enthusiast, says she is looking at the digital platform to impart knowledge about health and fitness.

A quick look at her social media posts -- the latest one being "Flex arms, stretch legs and turn heads" -- will give people an idea about her passion for fitness.

Not just that.

A few years ago, the "Raaz" actress had unveiled a set of DVDs that told you how to burn fat fast. She now has more to offer to fitness freaks.

"Soon, I will be imparting more knowledge to people who want to get fit.

It will be in the digital world because DVDs don't really matter any more," Bipasha told IANS on the phone from Mumbai.

"It will be a regular stream of information on one solid platform.

It won't be only about what I do but about what different kinds of people need to do. It will be much more like an informed platform about health and fitness -- and not just workouts. It will be a 360 degreesplatform that will cover everything good for the human body," she added.

Earlier this month, she was in Guwahati for the 'Bhaag North East Bhaag' event.

"People in India are getting much more aware about health and fitness.

Whatever I saw in Guwahati was very clean and green. One of the initiatives of the marathon was the clean India movement," said Bipasha, who hails from Kolkata.

On the evolution of her fitness regime, she said: "When you are continuously training, you need to keep changing your routine since your body adapts to it very soon.

Pilates has come to India. There are such good instructors now and also different forms of yoga. There is a lot more to choose from today. I try to do a mix of everything."

Still, there is something that she wants to learn from her husband Karan Singh Grover, also an actor, about staying fit.

"He is much more into yoga than me.

I want to learn that from him. Even though people think he is muscular, his flexibility... despite his back and knee issues... the way he has combated them with yoga is amazing.

"People always use their problems as an excuse but I guess what I learnt from him is that you can get stronger each day through yoga," she said.

But the former model isn't a fan of people with "skinny" figure.

"As a model, there are times when you have to be skinny..but there are curvy models too. I don't appreciate people who are very sticky or skinny.

"I believe that you have to be fit and strong so that when you are old, your body still functions properly.

You need to have the right amount of muscle mass and be curvy as a woman. I don't think that very skinny women are sexy. I am not a big fan of it," she said.

While fitness will always be on top of her mind, Bipasha, who was last seen on the big screen in the 2015 horror film "Alone", is excited about her upcoming movie.

"The audience will get to see me (on the big screen) by end of the year for sure. It's not going to be a horror movie," she said.

She finds the horror genre "amazing and entertaining".

Sharing some examples, she said: "In 'Aatma', I played a protective mother.

'Alone' had me as two jealous twins. 'Raaz 3' had me as a big superstar who did not want to go down."

"Each film gave me a platform to showcase very strong roles.

I really love them (horror films) because the audience can enjoy these films in a theatre with Dolby sound and special effects."

But there is a reason why she wants to take a break from it.

"In India, people easily get stereotyped.

So, I need to work hard to work against it. My last few films have been horror films, so people remember me for the genre despite doing possibly every kind of film -- 'Race', 'Dhoom 2' and 'Corporate'," said the actress, who has done over 70 films.

"That's the only reason why I won't immediately do a horror film.

There are many roles left and many stories to be told," she added.

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Source: IANS