BJP forming Govt. in Goa is breach of Parliamentary practice: CPI

New Delhi [India], Mar 15 : The Communist Party of India (CPI) on Wednesday asserted that the way the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) has formed its government in Goa and Manipur has questioned parliamentary democratic practices, while adding that the majority should be tested on the floor of the house.

Retorting to Union Finance Minister Arun Jaitley's remarks in regard with the Congress raising questions over the new BJP Government in Goa and Manipur, CPI leader D.

Raja said that in order to muster power, the saffron party opted for manipulation and horse trading. "One should try to understand how our Parliamentary practices take place. There were elections in five states. BJP won in Uttar Pradesh and in Uttarakhand nobody questioned it, Congress won in Punjab nobody questioned it.

The problem lies in Goa and Manipur, in these two places congress emerged as the single largest party but it is the BJP which made the claim to form the government and without any delay of time," said Raja.

"Peoples verdict was not in the favour of the BJP. BJP to muster power, resorts to manipulation and horse trade, this aspect is being questioned," he added.

Raja also questioned the move of the Governor of the Goa, who allowed the BJP to form government and said that the latter should have first consulted with the single largest party to explain its position.

"The Governor asked Mr. Parrikar to take oath and prove the majority and in Manipur also the same thing is happening. And this is the place where questions are being raised. Is it a proper parliamentary democratic practice?," he said. "If a political party has the majority it should be tested on the floor of the house, the Governor must act in accordance to the constitution and must ask the single largest party, whether that party is in the position to form the government.

But in Goa and Manipur we don't see such things happening," he added. Castigating the Congress for alleging that the BJP was 'stealing' the people's mandate in Goa, Jaitley yesterday said the grand old party complains a bit too much.

In a post on social networking site Facebook, Jaitley explained why the Congress party's claims are baseless.

"The Governor in Goa had only one claim of 21 MLAs out of 40 elected MLAs with Manohar Parrikar as their leader.

The 17 MLAs of Congress did not even make a claim+ nor elected their leader. How could the Congress ever be invited to form the Government?" Jaitley wrote. "The BJP managed to form an alliance and presented to the Governor 21 out of 40 MLAs. They appeared before the Governor in person and submitted a letter of support. The Congress did not even submit a claim to the Governor," he added. ADD PARRIKAR CM + SC FLOOR TEST BG.

Source: ANI