BJP MP wants ‘gud’ to boost immunity, fight pollution

New Delhi, Dec 4 : Suggesting measures to fight pollution and diseases caused by cement factories in Madhya Pradesh's Satna district, BJP MP Ajay Pratap Singh on Wednesday urged the government to resume 'gud' (jaggery) distribution among factory staff and local people.

Speaking during Zero Hour in the Rajya Sabha, Singh said that 'gud' used to be distributed among local people earlier to boost their immunity but was later stopped.

The Rajya Sabha member stressed that cement factories in the district hardly have anti-pollution devices and as a result air pollution has fast emerged as a major challenge.

Due to pollution, public health is being adversely affected and people were falling victim to lung-related diseases and cancer.

The parliamentarian said that Satna district has over the years become a hub of the cement industry.

Noting the health-related issues as a result of the cement factories, the BJP MP said that hardly any cement plants in the region had adequate health facilities like hospitals and dispensaries.

"I demand from the government that hospitals, dispensaries and other health facilities should be provided around the cement units to fight against pollution and diseases caused by them," the MP said.

"Jaggery distribution should also be resumed," he added.



Source: IANS