BJP supports EC’s appeal for curbing money power and paid news in polls

New Delhi [India], Dec. 8: The Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) on Thursday supported the appeal of the Election Commission of India to take measures to curb the increasing use of money power and paid news during elections.

BJP leader Subramanian Swamy told ANI, "If a political party is involved in money laundering instead of using funds for political purposes, then this is serious.

It can happen because there are a lot of tax benefits for political parties. This case should be investigated." Earlier, Chief Election Commissioner Dr. Nasim Zaidi said released 47 proposals of the ECI for law making, which have also been examined by the Law Commission.

He said the important proposals included the recommendations pertaining to decriminalisation of politics, prevention of abuse of money, transparency, making bribery a cognisable offence, criminalising paid news, empowering ECI to countermand election in cases of bribery and abuse on the lines of countermanding in event of booth He further said the ECI and the Law Commission recommendations are being scrutinised by a task force in the Law Ministry and the outcome is eagerly awaited.

Source: ANI