Brand Ekaya gets global, ties up with Paris haute couture week

New Delhi, Jan 26 : Indian brand Ekaya, known for bringing a revolution in the Benarasi textiles, will participate in the Paris Haute Couture Week that is on till February 25 at Sofitel Le Faubourg.

The event, which is happening since 2013 celebrates the greatest weavers of the world and the brand representative can't control her excitement.

"Every year since 2013, during the haute couture week, the Federation Franaise de la Creation Couture Sur Mesure-Paris organises an annual event which celebrates the know-how of its members in partnership with the greatest weavers of the world, in a luxurious and fashionable Parisian venue," Ekaya CEO Palak Shah IANS.

The federation represents some of the most renowned designers and couturiers in the French fashion industry like Sophie Castagnetti, Aurelie Dillon, Mirna El-Hage and Nico Thibault Francioni.

"For 2018, the federation is presenting 'Cousu d'Or - Magical Weaving' at the Sofitel Le Faubourg, an exclusive collaboration with Ekaya, showcasing couture designs which demonstrate the mastery of the Indian textile craftsmanship," she added.

The Cousu d'Or collaboration will help demonstrate how Indian fabrics can be a part of the French couture and wedding industry.

The 14 members of the federation have beautifully used the fabrics and given them a new life. The exhibition has also invited American designer Colleen Quen, as a guest of honor participant during the exhibition.

Talking about the designs, Palak, said: "Ekaya has specially created a capsule collection of luxurious ivory coloured hand-woven fabrics considering the theme, presenting a rich selection of the brand's signature brocades along with, silks, cotton, georgettes, chiffons, tusser, organza, mashru silks and chikankari hand-embroidery.

"Modern meets traditional and a clever fusion of the past and the present is the best way to describe this collaboration."

Ekaya has founded by Bharat Shah and his daughter Palak, who also conceived the idea of creating a fabric archival destination in India during her MBA at Babson, Boston.

Elaborating on the line, Palak said: "We have experimented with metallic effects and geometric patterns on the traditional textile to bring a new urban glamour to the intricately woven silks and cotton."

"The different hand-woven silks, cotton and chikankari have allowed the designers from C'Couture to put together a unique wedding collection rich in exceptional texture bringing a 'new' perspective, where they are able to identify new details and values in textiles and apply them to a distinct modern silhouette," added Palak.

With this first global collaboration with the Federation Franaise de la Creation Couture Sur Measure, the brand plans to expand globally.

"Yes, through this collaboration and many more, the brand hopes to take the Indian handloom textiles forward in a progressive way and a more global way.

Our aim with this exhibition is to break all notions and self imposed limitations about the usage of the Indian textiles and truly make its reach limitless," Palak said.

"The vision is to showcase these fabrics as 'pieces of art' as well as expand its reach to an individual's everyday life.

"The Banarasi textile as a concept should become a vocabulary for everyone to know, where customers from all over the world are inspired to break away from conventional and traditional ways of using them," added Palak.

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Source: IANS