BRP urges international community to stop Pak from spreading terrorism

Geneva [Switzerland], May 2 : Condemning Pakistan's act of mutilating bodies of two Indian soldiers, Baloch Republican Party (BRP) representative at the United Nations Human Rights Council (UNHRC) Abdul Nawaz Bugti has said that this was the wake-up call for India and the world about what Islamabad was doing in Balochistan.

"Baloch political workers, politicians, activists, students are kidnapped daily and tortured in Pakistani cells.

They are there made victim of atrocities and their bodies are then thrown away at deserted paces after being mutilated," he said.

Bugti said this was once again a wake-up call for the world about the kind of behaviour Pakistan can mete out to its neighbouring countries.

"Pakistan's atrocities are spreading from Balochistan to India and will spread in the whole world," he said.

He called on the international community to stop Pakistan from spreading terrorism in the world. Echoing similar sentiments, Balochistan's representative at the United Nations Human Rights Council, Mehran Marri said the Pakistani Army and Pakistan have once again proven itself to be criminal minded barbaric army and a terrorist state.

"Today, by decapitating Indian soldiers and mutilating their bodies, what they have been doing in Balochistan from the past 70 years, they have started this with their neighbours now.

The world has to take serious notice of this and as America dropped mother of all bombs in Afghanistan on the ISIS targets, I think America should be thinking of dropping bombs on Pakistan Army headquarters as well," he added.

Escalating his attack on Pakistan, Marri said their Army is worst than ISIS. "I would appeal to Russia, who has the father of all bombs, to consider dropping one on Pakistan to rid the world of this evil that has troubled its neighbours and the International community.

Yet the world has turned blind eye to their activities for 70 years. Everybody should wake up and do something about Pakistan now," he added. Earlier, the Pakistan Army mutilated bodies of two Indian soldiers in the Krishna Ghati sector of the Poonch area in Jammu and Kashmir.

The Indian Army confirmed the news on Twitter. "Pak Army carried out unprovoked Rocket and Mortar firing on two forward posts on the line of control in Krishna Ghati Sector.

Simultaneously a BAT action was launched on a patrol operating in between the two posts. In a unsoldierly act by the Pak Army the bodies of two of our soldiers in the patrol were mutilated. Such despicable act of Pakistan Army will be appropriately responded," read the Indian Army's statement.

Source: ANI