Cabinet approves putting ILO recommendation before Parliament

New Delhi, Feb 7 : The Union Cabinet, chaired by Prime Minister Narendra Modi, on Wednesday gave its approval for placing the new instrument "the Employment and Decent Work for Peace and Resilience", adopted by International Labour Organization (ILO) before Parliament, an official statement said.

India, during the International Labour Conference of ILO at its 106th Session in Geneva in June 2017, supported the adoption of the Instrument, also called Recommendation No.

205, which provides guidance to member States on the measures to be taken to generate employment and decent work for the purposes of prevention, recovery, peace and resilience with respect to crisis situations arising from conflicts and disasters.

"Each member state of ILO is required to submit the instruments so adopted before the competent authority, which is the Parliament in case of India," the statement said, adding that the adoption and placing of the Instrument for the information of the Parliament does not create any immediate obligation.

"An ILO Recommendations is a non-binding instrument which seeks to serve as a guiding principle for national policy process," it said.

The Recommendation is applicable to all workers and jobseekers, and to all employers, in all sectors of the economy affected by crisis situations arising from conflicts and disasters and to workers engaged in crisis response, including in the immediate response.



Source: IANS