Cabinet approves WHO protocol to eliminate illicit trade in tobacco products

New Delhi, May 2 : The Union Cabinet on Wednesday approved acceptance of a WHO protocol to eliminate the illicit trade in tobacco products, an official statement said.

"The Cabinet meeting chaired by Prime Minister Narendra Modi gave its approval to accede to the protocol under World Health Organisation (WHO) Framework Convention on tobacco control to eliminate illicit trade in tobacco products.

"It will be applicable to both smoking and chewing or smokeless tobacco (SLT) forms as negotiated and adopted under Article 15 of the framework convention, to which India is a party," the statement said.

"The protocol spells out supply chain control measures that must be adopted by the parties, namely licensing of manufacture of tobacco products and machinery for manufacturing of tobacco products, due diligence by those engaged in production, tracking and tracing regime, record keeping, and security; and measures to be taken by those engaged in e-commerce, manufacturing in free-trade zones and duty-free sales," it added.

The protocol also lists out offences, enforcement measures such as seizures and disposal of seized products.

It calls for international cooperation in information-sharing, maintaining confidentiality, training, technical assistance and cooperation in scientific and technical and technological matters.



Source: IANS