Canadian PM Justin Trudeau now a Marvel comic superhero

London [UK], Sept. 6 : Yes, the federal politician is now a comic book hero! Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau made his comic book debut in the latest issue of Marvel's 'Civil War II: Choosing Sides.' Lounging in his corner of the boxing ring, Trudeau rocks Canadian Maple-Leaf gear with red boxing gloves and black shorts on the comic's cover image, reports the Independent.

The 44-year-old Prime Minister joins the Canadian superhero team 'Alpha Flight,' with the likes of Sasquatch, Aurora, and Puck.

Reportedly, a limited number of the 'variant' issue will feature Canada's Prime Minister surrounded by 'Alpha Flight.' According to the comic's cartoonist Ramon Perez, "I was going for a little bit of, I guess, a little bit of attitude, a little bit of smugness, like you don't know if he's already been boxing for a little bit and he's going back in, or he's just starting out and gearing himself up." He even mentioned that his depictions originally included a shirtless Trudeau, but Marvel though the images were a bit too risque.

The thought came after the Prime Minister was spotted topless last month, camping with his family, which caused quite a stir on social media.

"And then about two weeks or three weeks ago, Justin's popping up in media topless, here and there, camping with his family and stuff like that," Perez said, adding, "And I'm like, there you go, we could have had him topless." His late father Pierre Trudeau, former prime minister of Canada, also made an appearance in 1979 in Marvel's 'Uncanny X-Men' series.

"I didn't want this to just be like a walk-on rescued by superheroes and he thanks them and that's the end of the story," writer Chip Zdarsky recently told.

"I think a lot of these real-life appearances in comics tend to go that way. I liked the idea of him actually engaging them in an ethical debate. It's a little tricky just because once you start to put words in the prime minister's mouth, we acknowledge that this is basically Trudeau fan fiction," Zdarsky added.

Source: ANI