CBI launches probe into Army recruitment exam leak

New Delhi [India], Apr 19 : The Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) on Wednesday registered a Preliminary Enquiry into the alleged Common Entrance Examination (CEE) question papers leak.

CEE is meant for recruitment in the Indian Army. Allegedly, the examination papers were leaked on February 25-26 for the examination to be held on February 27.

Thereafter, the CBI initiated an enquiry into the matter. Earlier on February 27, the 21 accused in leaking the question papers of an army recruitment exam were sent to police custody till March 4th.

The accused, which reportedly included a retired army officer and a senior paramilitary officer, were produced before a Thane court on February 27.

The police also rounded up over 200 candidates, who were found huddled in a hall learning the answers for the questions from the leaked papers given to them by the agents.

The Maharashtra Police, which received information of the paper being written by some candidates on February 25 at various hotels and lodges, nabbed at least 350 students.

The Army headquarters had been informed of the matter and an investigation was launched. Meanwhile, the Indian Army had also launched an internal inquiry into the recruitment exam paper leak.

Source: ANI