Centre, film directors should not to allow Pak actors to work in India: FTII chairman

New Delhi [India], Oct. 1 : Backing Indian Motion Picture Producers Association's (IMPPA) resolution of banning Pakistani actors and technicians from working in India, Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) leader and Film and Television Institute of India (FTII) chairperson Gajendra Singh Chauhan on Saturday appealed to the Centre, film producers and directors that not to allow or hire any Pakistani actor, as it might threaten the security and economy of India.

Chauhan told ANI that if the Indian Government gives permissions to Pakistani actors, then nobody can stop them, but these actors come to our country, earn money and favour their own country.

"See, I have been director of Cine and TV Artistes Association in Mumbai; at that time also I raised this issue that be it any Pakistani actor or any actor from foreign nations, till the time they don't have any proper permission, they should not be allowed to work here," Chauhan said.

"But, I would like to request the Indian Government that at present, Pakistan actors should not be given permission to work here, because if any actor comes from other nation, we don't know their intention, it can also cause threat to security and economy of the country," he added.

Noting that the Indian cinema is not short of actors, Chauhan said, "We have big actors here, and I would like to congratulate IMPPA association that they took such an amazing decision of banning Pakistani actors." "I would like to appeal to all producers and directors that please don't hire any actor from Pakistan," he added.

When asked about Salman Khan supporting Pakistani actors, Chauhan said, "Every person has his own opinion and Salman has his own view point.

And, I am expressing my opinion that Pakistani actors should not be allowed to work here." Resonating similar sentiments, actor Govardhan Asrani said Salman Khan has expressed his personnel opinion, and he cannot say anything about it.

Asrani further said now it depends on producers that what is their decision and whether they want to work with Pakistani actors.

"People of Pakistan said they will not let the film 'MS Dhoni' release there, and therefore, people here said they would not allow Pakistani artistes in India," Asrani said.

When Salman was on Friday asked about boycotting Pakistani artistes in India, he replied that artistes should not be equated with terrorists.

"The ideal situation would have been peace (between the two countries), but since there has been an attack on India, there would be some reaction," he added.

He pointed out that there is a difference between artistes, who have gained appropriate visas and permission from the government to work in India, and terrorists, who perpetrated Uri-like attacks.

Source: ANI