Centre working for sustainable solution to farmers’ problem: Kovind

New Delhi, Jan 31 : President Ram Nath Kovind on Thursday said that the Centre was working for sustainable solutions to the issues faced by farmers and has taken some recommendable steps to improve their conditions.

Addressing a joint sitting Parliament at the beginning of the Budget Session, Kovind said: "My government is working day and night to improve the condition of the farmers.

"It is also working to improve the income of the farmers. The government strives for a sustainable solution to their problems and to understand their every need."

In his address, the President also said that the government has increased the minimum support price of 22 crops by 1.5 times.

"In addition, the availability of seeds of good quality is also ensured for the farmers.

"The farmers work throughout the year to give a record crop output.

Many members sitting here are aware of the hardships faced by the fares and village life very well. The farmers are not only the backbone of our economy but are the protectors of our culture," Kovind said.

The Centre, he said, has ensured to provide help to the farmers in all possible ways, be it seeds, urea, water supply, scientific methods or soil health.

"The government has also provided new markets to the farmers.

The number of scientific agricultural centres have also increased."

The Centre is also ensuring insurance of the scheme, in case of any disaster or crop failure, the President added.



Source: IANS