China created ill-will with India by sporting Pak terrorism: Defence expert

New Delhi [India], Feb. 10 : A day after India issue a demarche to China over blocking the proposal to designate Jaish-e-Mohammad (JeM) chief Masood Azhar as a global terrorist, defence expert D.S.

Grewal said China has created an ill-will between two countries by sporting Pakistan terrorism. "Though U.S., U.K., France and others were vehemently asking for it, China was consistent of not passing the resolution which has created an ill-will between two countries and as a result demarche has been issued by India to China.

Two countries have to survive together for better development and peace," D.S. Grewal told ANI. Asserting that the insistence of China to sport Pakistan terrorism is against the universal peace, Grewal added the neighbour country must understand that India is also powerful and cannot be cower down by such pressure tactics.

"China does not even consider Azhar as the global terrorist who has been behind the Mumbai and Pathankot attacks where lots of lives of national and international citizens were lost.

It is a great damage to the peace of the world. The way China is proceeding these days it is dangerous for its own country," he added. India has issued a demarche to China for blocking the US-backed proposal to ban Pathankot mastermind Azhar and designate him as the global citizen in the UN security council.

Refuting China's stand that India and Pakistan should talk to each other over Masood Azhar issue, the Ministry of External Affairs (MEA) yesterday said the joint proposal by India, U.S., UK and France was a classic counter-terrorism proposal to proscribe the JeM chief.

"The proposal wasn't moved by India but by three UNSC members U.S., UK and France. It was classic counter-terror proposal meant to proscribe Masood Azhar," MEA official spokesperson Vikas Swarup told the media.

The MEA also confirmed that the matter has been taken up by both Chinese embassy in New Delhi and in the foreign office in Beijing by the Indian embassy and that demarches have been served in the same.

On January 19, China once again blocked the proposal to proscribe Azhar..

Source: ANI