ClearTax upgrades GST software to help businesses avoid working capital lock-in

New Delhi [India], Oct. 2 : ClearTax, an Income Tax returns e-filing and enterprise compliance service provider upgraded its GST-compliant software to intelligent features to help businesses ensure a seamless flow of credit without making a dent in their working capital reserve.

Registered dealers using the GSTR-2A feature on the ClearTax GST Software can verify whether their vendors have filed their GSTR-1 accurately, and, if not, urge them to do so before the October 10 deadline.

GSTR-1 is a return of outputs of a business, whereas GSTR-2 is a return of inputs of a business. To help with issues concerning reconciliation, the government has introduced GSTR-2A, a form that gets auto-populated by information from GSTR-1 of all vendors associated with a particular trading concern.

GSTR-2A helps businesses verify and match the sales reported by their vendors as purchases so that input tax credit can be claimed.

CAs and tax professionals can also identify any reconciliation mismatch much ahead of the deadline through these features on the software.

Unavailability or delay in claiming input tax credit means locking up of funds, making it difficult for the business to pay outstanding dues, ClearTax GST software will help businesses prevent this scenario by making sure returns are filed on time and accurately by vendors, so that the flow of working capital is not hindered.

Taxes paid to purchase these inputs are available as credit while paying taxes on output. As per the GST law, a sale made by a business is recorded as a purchase for another business. Tax credit on inputs can be claimed where your purchases in GSTR-2 reflect in your vendor's GSTR-1. "Ensuring vendors file their returns timely is critical to avoid lose of input tax credit. Our software will help prevent this situation so businesses don't face delays and funds are not locked up.

This feature of ClearTax GST software is the best way a business can stay on top of claiming credit and paying taxes without worrying about cash flows," said Archit Gupta, CEO, ClearTax.

By using the ClearTax GST Software, a business can download the GSTR-2A data in MS Excel format and verify the vendor's sales details with a single click.

This will make GSTR-2 filing a breeze for CAs, tax professionals and businesses. Filing all GST returns on ClearTax GST software is highly simplified with a three-step process: ? Create invoices via this software.

? One-click upload of all invoices onto the ClearTax online platform for e-filing ? The user has to just review the final invoices and then, with a few clicks, all data can be submitted to GSTN for three returns a month (GSTR-1, 2 and 3).

Source: ANI