CM or not? Parrikar leaves all guessing, says “missing Goan food in Delhi”

Panaji (Goa)[India], Feb 4 : While speculations are rife about him being projected as the Chief Ministerial candidate by the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), Defence Minister Manohar Parrikar on Saturday continued to remain mysterious about the development by dropping a hint.

When posed a question over him returning to the state as its chief, dubbing himself as a 'party's man' who will work as per the guidelines set by party leaders, Parrikar said that he has lost couple of kilo's ever since he moved to Delhi and that he misses Goan cuisine.

"I am a party's man, I will do what party says, though, I have lost about four kg in Delhi the main reason is food.

Now you can interpret in whatever way you want," he told the media here after casting his vote. "Our initial reports indicate a beginning of a very good turnout and I expect like last time 2012 there was 84 percent voting, this time it may even exceed 84 percent this time.

Goa votes very heavy. This is a specialty which the BJP has inducted in the politics of Goa to increase the voting. BJP expects mandate with two-third majority," said Parrikar. Retorting to the criticism from the Opposition parties for his involvement in the Goa Assembly elections, Parrikar said he was "the leader of the state".

In January, Parrikar had even indicated that he might relinquish his current job as India's Defence Minister and that he is ready to go back to Goa politics if the BJP forms government in Goa.

BJP chief Amit Shah in a public meeting at Goa's Vasco said that the next government in the state will "function under Parrikar's leadership, irrespective of his posting".

"(Prime Minister) Narendrabhai (Modi) needs him (Parrikar) at the Centre as well. We will decide after elections where Parrikar will be working. But let me assure you that wherever Parrikar may be working, the Goa government will function under his leadership," Shah had said.

More than 1600 polling stations have been set up for the smooth conduct of elections. Earlier today, Prime Minister Narendra Modi called on the electorate to turnout in record numbers and cast their votes without fail.

"Urging people of Punjab (and) Goa to turnout in record numbers (and) vote in the Assembly elections.

I particularly urge my young friends to vote," he said in a tweet. In Goa about 11.10 lakh voters are going to decide, the fate of 251 candidates including 19 women. About 32 thousand young voters will be exercising their franchise for the first time and women voters outnumber men this time.

40 'all-women' managed polling stations have been set up to motivate women's participation in the electoral process.

The commission has made a directory of about 2700 Persons with Disabilities who will be given pick up facility from home.

Meanwhile about 1.7 crore rupees and more than 70 thousand litres of liquor have been seized, till date by the Election Commission appointed police and excise teams.

Source: ANI