‘Comedy Munch’ hits one lakh downloads on Google Play Store

New Delhi [India], Dec 30 : In today's time, the common man is almost always caught up in the race of making it big, whether it be in his professional life or otherwise.

While means of entertainment are constantly on the rise, the persistent time crunch, the erratic traffic and the cumbersome city life almost always precedes the thought of getting out for that much needed dose of laughter.

It was this pressing need of having a hassle-free access to high class comedy, right from the comfort of one's home that led to the launch of an exclusive digital platform, called Comedy Munch.

An app that serves tasteful comedy has brought about a radical shift in the way Indian audience consumes humor.

The brain child of the dynamic entrepreneur Anuj Sehgal, Comedy Munch, unlike its contemporaries, offers humor in all its forms.

Be it the good old Hassya Kavi Sammelan or the new-age stand-ups, if it has what it takes to tickle your funny bone, it's there on the App.

Essentially serving humor in the form of videos, the quality of the App's content can be gauged by the whopping one lakh downloads in a short span of one year, a fact not many can boast of.

Thanks to the wide array of comedians from the young Aakash Gupta, dynamic Jeevesh Ahluwalia to the more experienced Neeti Palta, Amit Tandon and Manish Tyagi along with the one of the most celebrated comedians in the Indian Arena, Raju Srivasatav amongst many others, this feat was rather discernable for the founding team.

"We encourage budding comedians to step forward and showcase their talent! It is our firm belief that only when we give them a platform as compelling as Comedy Munch to extend their reach, would we actually leave an impression on those who love and respect the rejuvenating art of comedy.

This is something we have always strived for," said Anuj Sehgal. Hence, it doesn't come as a surprise when the YouTube Channel of the platform has close to 30,000 subscribers with a plethora of the videos getting two to three million views.

For what it's worth, Comedy Munch gives its audience an easy way to retire from the mundane life and rev up to a happier time within seconds.

Source: ANI