Complaint filed against Trump’s son over ballot photo

London [UK], Nov. 9: : Even the last hours of the US presidential race could not be free from controversy as this time it was not Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton who came under fire but it was the turn of the Republican nominee's son Eric.

Eric drew flake from the Democratic Coalition against Trump, which filed a complaint against him for tweeting out a picture of his filled out ballot.

The Democratic Coalition Against Trump, an arm of the anti-Donald Trump Keep America Great PAC, has filed a complaint with the New York State Board of Elections after Eric Trump tweeted out a picture of his filled out ballot, reports the Guardian.

The tweet has since been deleted but was a violation of a New York state law that prohibits outside documentation of ballots, including cell-phone shots and selfies.

"Once again the Trump family has acted like the laws don't apply to them. When another celebrity did the same thing, he was vilified by the media. We shouldn't turn a blind eye to Eric Trump's serious misstep," said Scott Dworkin, the coalition's senior director.

Source: ANI