Congress appreciates Allahabad HC’s judgment on Triple Talaq

New Delhi [India], Dec. 8: The Congress leader Renuka Chowdhary on Thursday appreciated the judgment of Allahabad High Court on triple talaq, saying that she is happy that her Muslim sisters will have more security and dignity in their lives.

Speaking to ANI here, Renuka Chowdhary said, "It is an idea that has come of age now and something that has been making the rounds for a long time.

I am just happy that my Muslim sisters have a little more security, a little more dignity to their lives." Chowdhary further said that divorcing a woman by uttering the word "talaq" thrice as unconstitutional is something that any evolved society, anyone who believed in the Constitution of the country and enjoys the freedom and the privileges of this nation and a right minded society would have accepted long ago.

The high court observed that the triple talaq practice sanctioned under Muslim Personal Law that governs marriage, property and divorce violates the rights of Muslim women.

"Triple talaq is unconstitutional, it violates the rights of Muslim women," ruled the high court, adding that no personal law board is above the Constitution.

Several women have filed a petition before the Supreme Court seeking the quashing of the triple talaq practice.

The Central Government has also told the top court that it is against gender injustice and for equality between men and women under the Constitution.

However, the All India Muslim Personal Law Board has defended the practice, saying it is better to divorce a woman than to kill her.

The rights bestowed by religion can't be questioned in a court of law, it said..

Source: ANI