Congress to raise issue of economic slowdown in LS

New Delhi, Nov 20 : The Congress, in a meeting of its Lok Sabha members on Wednesday, has decided to raise the issue of economic slowdown, detention of political leaders in Jammu and Kashmir and farmers distress in the lower house.

The meeting was chaired by Congress Parliamentary Party (CPP) chairperson Sonia Gandhi.

The party on Wednesday raised the issue of withdrawal of SPG of its leaders in the upper house and issue of paddy procurement in the lower house.

The Congress wants to corner government on issues concerning people - economic slowdown, farmers' distress and unemployment.

The party does not want to deviate to other issues which it claims are being created by the ruling party as a part of their strategy, a leader said.

The party also wants to raise the issue of pollution and air quality in the National Capital Region (NCR).

On Tuesday, the Congress initiated a debate in the House on the issue of pollution and asked the government to do more to control the menace.

The Congress has been protesting against the government on all these issues since November 5.

It also wants to raise the issue of electoral bonds and is trying to garner support from other opposition parties.

The party has alleged that the scheme of electoral bonds is tantamount to money laundering as common citizens cannot know which corporates donated how much money to whom and what benefits they reaped in return.



Source: IANS