Coronavirus cases reach 4421 in India, with 114 deaths

New Delhi, April 7 : As India has entered the third week of its 21-day nationwide lockdown, the total number of active cases of Coronavirus has reached 3981 on Tuesday morning.

Maharashtra continues to remain the worst affected with 748 total confirmed cases so far and 45 deaths followed by 621 total cases in Tamil Nadu.

The southern state has witnessed 5 deaths so far.

However, the national capital worryingly catching up with 523 total cases so far.

The national capital has seen 7 deaths.

So far 114 people have died of Coronavirus in India. However, at least 325 people have recovered from the deadly virus across the country. The total number of Corona affected patients in India, including those who have recovered, has reached 4421 by Tuesday morning.

Meanwhile, the Indian council of Medical Research (ICMR) on Monday said it scaled up its capacity to fight COVID-19 pandemic.

The apex medical research body has allowed rapid anti-body based blood tests for COVID-19.

However, these tests will be conducted as a strategy for areas reporting clusters (containment zone) and in large migration gatherings/evacuees centres.

ICMR has validated and recommended 7 such test kits for use. Also, anti-body tests are not suitable to diagnose live COVID-19 infections.



Source: IANS