Cuban-American stars mourn Fidel Castro’s death

Washington D.C. [USA], Nov. 27 : The death of legendary Cuban politician and revolutionary Fidel Castro took over social media platforms as Hollywood stars including Camila Cabello, Gloria Estefan and many others quickly and sadly reacted to the news.

Former Prime Minister and President of the Republic of Cuba, Castro's health had been declining for several years and died at a ripe 90 years.

Singer Gloria Estefan shared what she believed this moment meant for Cuban exiles like herself. "Although the death of a human being is rarely a cause for celebration, it is the symbolic death of the destructive ideologies that he espoused that, I believe, is filling the Cuban exile community with renewed hope and a relief that has been long in coming," she wrote on twitter.

She consoled all those mourning his death, writing, "And although the grip of Castro's regime will not loosen overnight, the demise of a leader.can only lead to positive change for the Cuban people and our world." After the news broke, many other celebrities also took to the social media site to share their reactions.

Lauren Jauregui, who has Cuban parents, shared a photo and wrote, "The cockroach died. #FreeCuba What happiness! I know that my grandmothers are dancing together in a party in heaven where Celia Cruz is singing songs about liberty and freedom." 'Fifth Harmony' member Camila Cabello, who was born in Cuba, wrote, "I want nothing more than to see the families that were divided to come together again and for all the years of pain to come to an end." Carlos Ponce, born in Puerto Rico to Cuban parents wrote alongside Castro's picture, "Today we wake up to the news of the death of this controversial man that has marked the lives of three generations of Cubans!" Actor Laz Alonso tweeted, "So long dictator! Only those that lived that oppressive regime or have family that did will know how horrible of a man u were." The news of Fidel's death was announced by Cuban President Raul Castro, who took over from his ailing brother more than eight years earlier.

In 1959, Castro along with a small band of revolutionaries overthrew an unpopular dictator Fulgencio Batista and rode their jeeps and tanks into Cuba's capital Havana.

An intestinal illness that required several surgeries forced Castro, who had been in power for 47 years, to hand over his duties temporarily to younger brother Raul in July 2006.

Raul took over permanently as the President after Fidel's resignation in February 2008..

Source: ANI