Dalit scholar demands action against Appa Rao, takes on Sangh forces

Hyderabad, Aug 8 : Dalit scholar Kancha Ilaiah today lauded Prime Minister Narendra Modi for taking a stand on the 'gau rakshak' forces but said that the latter must immediately sack Hyderabad University's vice-chancellor Appa Rao if he is really serious and ensure that the Rohith Vemula issue makes justice.

Ilaiah, however, said that the Prime Minister's statement has come too late as a large number of attacks on Dalits are happening in the country.

"Addressing a meeting in Telangana, Prime Minister Narendra Modi took a stand on the 'gau rakshak' forces and also the Dalit issue.

He said if these people want to kill somebody then kill me, let them shoot me but not my Dalit brothers," Ilaiah told ANI.

"And this was the place where Rohith Vemula was killed and then Raja Singh has been creating problem around 'gau rakhshak' in this very state from his own party which has become a national issue.

So, I think if the Prime Minister is really serious, he has to immediately remove at least Mr. Appa Rao from his position and see that the Rohith Vemula issue makes justice," he added. Ilaiah also demanded action against BJP MLA Raja Singh, who had defended the cow vigilantes with his assertion that those who consume cow meat are bringing "disgrace" to the entire community and should be "taught a lesson".

"His party has to immediately remove Raja Singh and since he told the Telangana Government that such people should be punished then they should arrest him.

Now, whether Chandrashekhar Rao is really willing to listen to the Prime Minister or not that is really I think a test," Ilaiah said.

"This is a test for all over the country because there are certain organizations, the Hindutva organizations, which are opposing it.

Now, that means there is a rift within that ideological camp. I think the entire nation must be very careful with the Sangh Parivar forces, which speak in double tongue," he added.

A case was earlier registered here against the BJP MLA for his remarks which allegedly defended the attacks on Dalits in Gujarat's Una and supported the cow vigilantes involved.

Prime Minister Modi yesterday issued a call to "stop attacking Dalits", saying "shoot me if you want, not Dalits", and asked the people to beware of "fake gau rakshaks" who "have a problem with the country's unity" and "only want to destroy society".

Urging the state governments to initiate strong against such fake 'gau rakshaks', Prime Minister Modi yesterday requested the true cow devotes to be aware so that some elements do not misuse their name.

"Politics of breaking the society is not good for the country and discrimination among human beings is not acceptable to us.

Shanti, Ekta, Sadbhavana are central to the progress of the nation. We have to protect the marginalized and the Dalits. It is our duty," he said in Hyderabad..

Source: ANI