DCW rescues 13-year old girl from getting married

New Delhi [India], Feb. 1 : The Delhi Commission for Women on Wednesday rescued a 13-year old girl from getting married to a man triple her age.

The teenager was being forcefully married off to a 40-year old allegedly mentally challenged man in Najafgarh area of the capital.

The 181 Women Helpline of DCW got the information from anonymous sources, which it immediately shared with Mobile Helpline Program of the Commission.

When the Counselor of Mobile Helpline program reached the venue of the impending marriage, they found out that the man was 40 years of age and mentally retarded.

The family of the girl belongs to Bihar and settled in Delhi only a year back. The girl was studying in 8th class when she was in Bihar and has left the school in Delhi. The girl's father is a labour and she has two elder sisters. It was also reported that a woman lured the father of the girl to get her daughter married to the man in lieu of money.

Police has registered the matter vide diary entry and the investigation is pending..

Source: ANI